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Boiler servicing can save lives

Regular servicing ensures your boiler is running at peak efficiency saving fuel and money but more importantly it could also spot the escape of potentially lethal carbon monoxide, which could just save your life. In order to maintain the efficiency and safety of your appliance(s) a service should be carried out annually as stated in the Gas Safety, Installation and Use Regulation 1994.

We service most gas and oil boilers. Gas fires, wall heaters and gas multi points. We also carry out Landlords Gas Safety Certificates and Gas Safety Certificates.

What we do for Gas Boiler Service

  • Gas pressure check to ensure the boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure
  • A flue test to ensure there are no unsafe emissions from your boiler
  • Inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely
  • Visually inspect the boiler to check for corrosion and leaks

What we do for Oil Boiler Service

  • Our servicing consists of a full service to the burner and boiler.
  • We clean the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets.
  • Replace The nozzle,
  • Clean the blast tube
  • Check / test solenoids
  • Check clean photocell
  • Test the ignition transformer     
  • Check and adjust electrode settings
  • Reassemble the burner and test, adjusting oil pressure and air settings to the
    manufactures recommended settings.

Gas Safe Installer

Gas Safe No:81

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